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Introducing the official website of Verus Broadcasting Company. Here you can discover company mission, connect with us, invest with us and learn about the cast and crew of this new broadcasting company.   Are you ready for a great show?  Take a seat, and explore.


The Making of Verus Broadcasting Company


Verus Broadcasting Company, LLC will own and operate broadcast television stations in small to mid-sized markets within the United States, providing an extraordinary experience that will enable our viewers to engage and participate across all platforms. Verus Broadcasting will produce customized content to be used across the station group, share resources and services in order to unify the Verus brand.  At their core, our television stations will provide free, over the air programming and all traditional services -  news, entertainment, sports, emergency alerts, weather, traffic.  Additionally, we will amplify and broaden the traditional model by offering extensions that will allow us to serve our viewers and advertisers through unique, immersive experiences.

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Verus Broadcasting is committed to redefining local broadcasting and empowering our leaders to re-imagine how local stations interact within the community.  We are committed to genuinely and authentically communicating across all channels of television, social media, content, and distribution. Our namesake stands for real, true, authentic and genuine. This is what drives us in empowering our employees and serving our customers and our communities.

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Verus Broadcasting will grow to become the largest female-owned television station group in the United States. Verus will offer relevant content, localized information, digital, linear and mobile communication.  We will utilize our broadcast platform to directly communicate and engage consumers through a unique network of customized channels that serve the viewer.

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If you’re an investor, owner or broker and would like to request additional information please email us at info@verustv.com

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